Friday, December 2, 2016

Christmas Pictures and RW Winners!

Okay before you find out the winners... you have to look at pictures of my ponies. Yes, totally a hard job, but try to enjoy it :)

Almost every year I test my horses by putting christmas decorations on them. My horses are saints when it comes to dealing with me and my schemes. Ember did really well and only took exception to one little bell. He got over it with time though.

First up is the wooden santa with a bell on the beard.
Hmm, one is not like the others...

Next the wooden tree, which Roscoe broke off the "Y" and so I skipped him. So there is a baby picture of him wearing the tree.

Baby Roscoe

 Then I changed to the green hat with a bell

Resigned to my type of crazy

Alwasy happy

 Then I added the garland and stocking. I had a plan and everyone needed to wear the same thing.


My super model

Over stuffed hat

Fitting right in

 And finally I added the stockings

Like any little kid...
Always losing socks

None are big enough for me!!!

My favorite model

So Cute!

Not to be out done

Grey Boys Win!

Are we done yet?

The orginal pair
 I saw this picture on Facebook and wanted to recreate it with my horses. Took some work, but it came out okay.

And now the winners!!!
Names were picked out of hat by my Dad as he walked in the door tonight.

For the $20 Gift Card: Kelly at Princess Diva & The Duchess Diaries

For the $40 Gift Card: Carly at Poor Woman Showing

PS: Emma email me so I can send you your gift card for the Foal Pool!!!

Email me at so I can send your gift card.

Thank you EVERYONE who participated! I enjoyed reading what your favorite RW items are and finding new blogs to follow. You all made my 500th post a memorable one.


  1. These photos are terrific! I too take photos of my animals in a santa hat. I love the idea of the garland too.

    congratulations to the winners. :)

    1. Thanks! I started with a santa hat and have added the other things over the years.

  2. What a good sport Ember is!! Introducing them to the crazy is the best way to go. You've got a long life ahead of you kid!

    1. He really is a good sport even though he is getting a late start. I put Roscoe through all this at 5 months. My older horses impress me the most though.

  3. Doing the giveaway is how I found your blog! (One of the blogs I read shared it). So even though I didn't win.....thanks for expanding my reading list :).

  4. So cute!!! Your guys are all so tolerant!

    1. Yes, they are super! Even when the hat flopped around, bell jingling they behaved.

  5. So cute! :) And I second what Carly said! Best to start 'em young with the bizarre stuff. :)

    1. Oh Yes! Ember needs lots of crazy since he gives the hairy eye to things a bit more than the others.

  6. Love the post and photos! Thank you for the $20 gift card! Looking forward to shopping :)

  7. Omg those pictures are great - love those gray boys!! And an email is on the way!!!