Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Filly Update!

Rain, cold, still somewhat sick ponies and working on my Blogger gift means I have little to write about. But I can talk about Baby Royal, aka Castleberrys Royalty. I am so happy to be able to keep track of Roscoe's foals. And for all but one, I get to see pictures. Recently the filly's owner contacted me with questions about Roscoe. She also included pictures and a list of everything she has been doing with the filly. I was thrilled!

When I asked what her barn name is, she told me Majesty. Which is perfect for Baby Royal. I always thought she was a little queen. It was a tough choice for me between Ember and her, but everything has worked out. Majesty is getting the time and attention she deserves and Ember fit right in as one of the Red Boys.

Majesty is already a show pony

Now she is learning to pony (please protect your melon despite me sharing these pics)

Still keeping track of the feline movements


Keeping up her beauty treatments (better than her Dad at that age): bathes, sprays and clippers

Still making sure to get her scratches

Trying on new accessories

And stepping up her game under feline supervision

I love seeing them challenge that bright brain of hers. She is a lot like Roscoe and will soak all of this work up. Plus look at how big she has gotten! Roscoe certainly passed on those long legs of his.
I told Ember his big sis was living the good life. I also told him that she was doing the same things I make him do. Except the bath. I really wish we could have given him a bath before the weather got cold. He is going to be a pill, my hydrophobic little boy. I am all for doing lots of stuff with them while they are young, rather than putting them in a field until they can be ridden. I can't wait to see this girl as the years go by.


  1. she is too cute - i love her expression looking at that cat too lol

  2. She was born a Royal Champion. Both sides of her pedigree show that, then her placing at the American National confirmed it! I too, enjoy the updates of the babies. I'm blessed to stay in contact with most of the new friends/owners. Helping make their dreams come true is why I continue to breed. Majesty, aka "Jess" is in such a fantastic home! I too, love all that they are doing with her. Your little Ember was def the thinker of the group, followed by his sister. Ember was the only foal that didn't love the hose misting on the super hot days, though his sister took her time decided that is was a "cool" thing. I know all of the foals are going to be awesome. Roscoe did a very, very good job passing on his amazing genetics!