Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Who Wore It Better?

The good thing about having had a foal before is that you have some of the necessary items for the second one.

With our recent drop in temperatures, Ember got to wear Roscoe's baby heavyweight.

PS. Roscoe was able to wear it as a two year old. Let's hear it for expandable blankets.
Got legs?

And then I put a girthed saddle on Ember this Saturday for the first time. He was great and did not even care. He walked, trotted and even cantered with it on. It will be a long 3 years till we get to play. He is a month older than when I did the same with Roscoe. Your sharp eyes may also notice it is the same halter too.
Does he not look classy or what?

My minion, love him

And it is the same saddle I used to back Roscoe as a two year old and used to event with Barry. I cleaned a lot of stalls to get that saddle for free :)

Of course my heart horse wore the saddle best!
Poor Roscoe is still has a hacking cough, but the rest are doing well. Ember still convinces Dad to run with him though. The other day he stood at Roscoe's butt pulling on his blanket and all I could hear was "Dad... Dad... DAD lets go!" Baby boy even reared up at Roscoe nearly socking him in the face with a hoof. Roscoe is so patient with him. A handy man was surprised Roscoe was a stallion since he was "so friendly and quiet."
Stay warm everyone! I am still working hard to finish my Blogger Gift and get it in the mail so pardon my absence.


  1. I love how you have your stuff for the babies.

  2. d'awww, like father, like son!!

  3. Is Ember bigger than Roscoe, or is that just my imagine?

    1. It's those legs, but Ember probably is bigger since Roscoe is a month younger in the picture and standing next to me vs Ember by my Mom who is shorter. Plus he seems like he will be taller than Roscoe by time he is done growing.