Wednesday, January 11, 2017

What Day Is It???

Ugh, I am on day 9 of inventory, with 4 more to go before a day off and the days are getting lost. I think I was last at the barn Friday or maybe it was Sunday. The only good thing was that those missing days were freaking cold so I did not miss out on riding.
I did miss Ember's first snow day, but I made my Mom get some pictures.

Daddy is photobombing
Little man got a clean bill from his fecal and is a Low Shedder. I think his round belly must have been a hay belly. He does manage to eat a bunch. Mom called to get coggins drawn for the older horses and the vet looked at him again today. Ember has gained 100 lbs since the last visit and has been cleared of the cold he brought with him.

Roscoe got a little extra vet attention since he still has not kicked the cold. Our yo-yo weather has not helped. The vet listened to his lungs and thought she heard something, but he coughed and cleared it. Since he has had it for awhile, she put him on SMZs. Luckily, he ate them in his dinner. Hopefully that will continue while Peggy is helping with the feedings.

Roscoe is feeling his oats as usual for this time of year. He took an unauthorized spin out with the girls before the vet. The girls told him that they were not interested. So he walked up to Mom and put his head down, like saying "You love me, right?"

Ah well I will get to see my ponies tomorrow. Maybe I will fit in another ride :) The only benefit to working so much is that the month will fly by. I can't wait for February.

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