Monday, February 6, 2017

Sprieser Sporthorse Adult Camp: Preview

I promise to give a full recap, but for now here is a preview.

We arrived Saturday and I found Roscoe's stall.
Anyone notice the error? Still cool though

Roscoe did this for a few hours until...

We did our first lesson.
I don't wanna grow up!!!

Okay maybe just a little

Then we ate lunch and chatted with a vet until it was time for lesson #2.
A diverse group to ride with 

Working the poles

Then we left Roscoe for his sleepover and went home to take care of the other horses.

Sunday dawned really early and we started right away with lesson #3

Which started like this
Quarter sheet removed soon after so that the whip was felt

But turned into this
Look we can maybe turn into a grown up

We watched the rest of the other lessons before heading home. Roscoe was really glad to get home.
Comrade stuck close to him when he arrived

And today he slept in the run in,
Serious hang lip and snoozing

Before we went for a light trail ride with Peggy and Comrade.

I have lots of video and some pictures which I will share during the full recap. Unfortunately there are only two pictures from the pro and neither is one I would buy.

The experience was everything I wanted with the bonus of actually achieving something. Definitely worth the money and the early, cold mornings. Now I need to recharge and organize my thoughts.


  1. oooh sounds like a successful clinic!! can't wait to read all the details!!! also Roscoe's tail looks freakin fantastic in those pictures haha

  2. I can't wait to hear more about it...also his name is spelled wrong. :)