Thursday, February 23, 2017

Still Lost, But Some News

I still can't do his last post because I am not ready. I'm not ready to put his blankets away. I'm not ready to change his status of current to past. It is too soon. We are all still lost in the thoughts and memories. I nearly cried at a picture of a pony and horse with a leg raised forward on Facebook. Poor Rosemary is definitely missing her night buddy even though we have her with the older guys. I know how she feels.

I really appreciate every one's support during this time. That is a definite benefit to being a blogger.

And now I am changing the subject with some news before I get teary again.
Monday, after a day working all the Cobs, I saw another notice for Dressage Camp. I immediately messaged Peggy and she asked if I was taking Roscoe again. As much as I would have liked that, Winston's vet bill from last month left no extra. So Peggy told me she would pay if I ride Comrade. That was definitely okay with me. I can't wait to see what they can do with Comrade.
This time I will be on vacation the two weeks before and will have ridden more. Hopefully Comrade will be in better shape by the end of March when the camp is happening. He has been working really well and the other day he gave me one of his best canter transitions.
Camp will be something to look forward to.


  1. Camp sounds like a great idea. As for the other- give yourself the time you need. ((hugs))

  2. That's a great goal to work towards and hopefully keep your mind busy!

  3. Camp sounds like the perfect thing to look forward to and be excited about. Still so sorry for your loss!