Monday, July 3, 2017

Jump Chute Time, Happy 4th of July

Whew, they finally posted the times for the jump chute clinic. Lucky for us we are not bright and early. With a two hour drive, that would have been tough. Instead we are second to last at 330pm. Maybe the heat will settle the stud :)
My little firecracker

Roscoe and I jumped the line we set up for jump chute practice, the other day. Peggy and Larry observed so I had my safety net in place. We are not at a point where I can do a ton of jumping alone. Roscoe tends to choose the long spot, but we worked through and managed to finish all three jumps.
Roscoe's opinion of this photo shoot

He was wearing his patriotic colors as he flew. Happy 4th of July everyone! It is the one holiday I actually have to work. Someone has to sell the beer tickets... Be Safe.

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  1. So exciting!! I really want to come but am not sure how to make it work with my job schedule :(