Friday, April 13, 2012


Roscoe is signed up for the Welsh show on April 22nd. He will have to trot into the arena, show off and then line up. Then comes the judging while standing, then at walk and trot. Sounds simple right?
I managed to handle Roscoe when he was 12 weeks old, but now at nearly 10 months he is a handful. His trot out paces me quickly. He is a good boy about not pulling me and will circle around. Great for practice, not so good for the show. So I put out a call for help.
Quickly I got a response from the show secretary with the name of a guy who could show him. I contacted him and he was willing. Now Roscoe will have a better chance to show his moves. Another Welsh owner offered to show him too. Hopefully she will show her Sec. C colt against Roscoe. They both are Chestnuts with a lot of chrome, so it would be a great class to have them together.
I will still bring in hand show clothes in case I have to handle him, but that is a long shot.
Roscoe, 12 weeks old, and I at Welsh show in September '11
Now I have figure out the rest of the plans to get both Comrade and Roscoe ready for the show.

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