Monday, April 23, 2012

Professional Show Pictures

Here is a link to some of the Show Pictures taken by the Pro.

Roscoe's pictures are #206-#225.

She did not get his naughty moments, but there are times he has all four feet off the ground at the trot.


Ps. I feel better now that I found out 2 out of the 3 other riders in Comrade's classes left early too.


  1. It must make you feel better to know that even when he's a stinker, he's still pretty cute.

    Bummer it rained too hard to stay for the other class, hopefully you'll get another chance soon.

  2. Thanks, We think so too.

    Smazourek, he completely fooled the handler with that cute face. He thought he was an "angel." We warned him though.
    They have 2 more shows in this series if I decide to try again. Next months show is a little different.