Thursday, November 8, 2012

Canadian Royal Winter Fair

I have known for about a month, but now I can finally tell. Comrade and (if you follow Jen at Cob Jockey) Connor's full brother will be showing at the Royal in Canada. Castleberrys Cadence has been in training at a driving farm in PA which actually is where Connor was trained to drive too. He will only be showing in hand though. I can't wait to see how he does tomorrow. I was fortunate enough to have met both Connor, Castleberrys Contender, and Cadence when we bought Rosemary. Cadence was a two year old, but behaved so well. We met him when we picked up a pony for his breeder from a different field to bring back to her barn. Worked for me, any excuse to meet new horses.
Now Connor, I had to drive all night to meet in PA. We helped fund our trip by bringing one of the breeder's recently sold ponies to his new home. When Manny, the other cob, was unloaded we went to look at the other horses and found Connor and Crackerjack. I admired both these boys and would have taken either if they had been in my price range, but things happen for a reason. Crackerjack is now an awesome driving pony owned by the driving farm. And some of you know Connor is now on his way to being an awesome eventer. It is great to see how the 3 full brothers are similar, yet definitely have their differences.
Anyway wish Cadence luck for his debut and safe drives both ways. Now I have to go back to work for a little while longer :)


Cadence, 4 year old Stallion (Picture credit to Castleberrry Welsh Cobs)

Just for fun: Picture of then 4yr old Connor while he was on the east coast at the driving farm


Another picture of Connor, this time with another Castleberry pony Crackerjack.


  1. How cool!!!! I knew about Cadence but had no idea that you saw Connor in PA. That would have been when I met you at Lisa's when you picked up Rosemary, right? Those pictures are awesome, and our ponies are awesome. I can't believe Connor's wild mane was ever all on one side of his neck. I have some work to do...

    Thanks for posting this!

    1. Wow that day was such a crazy rush on no sleep, I did not realize until you reminded me that we met you that day. By time you came to Lisa's we were so far behind schedule, but it was worth it to see her horses.
      Roscoe's mane does not stay on one side either, must be a Cob thing. Even Rosemary splits her's and it is long. Now you need to come visit and meet Comrade :)

  2. I showed at the Royal once, back in the '90s. The experience of a lifetime! I'll admit our time in the show ring was about the worst I've ever had (we just really weren't ready) but everything else was so incredible, I'll never forget it. I can't wait to hear how they do!