Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Show and Tell (Roscoe Video)

Well our holiday weekend was full of visitors. My Dad's family came on Saturday to meet the horses. Unfortunately my grandmother is not an animal person so she stayed as far away from any furry creature as possible. Roscoe was fascinated with one of my Aunts and luckily she was willing to love on him too. Dottie showed them the other side of the size scale, but felt she did not get her due attention. Her size made them a little nervous.
After pictures, we hooked up Rosemary and Mom took them for a drive. I was standing there watching, thinking Rosemary was being a bit of a pain. She would get trotting and not want to stop or she would not want to turn. At one point she spooked at a bunny and picked up a canter. Mom was trying to stay calm, while mentally  going "oh boy." Rosemary came back to her with little fuss and my Aunt said "That was fun." Oh ignorance is bliss :)
With four trips, Rosemary worked her butt off. Everyone, except maybe my grandmother, had a lot of fun and no one got eaten. Whew, family can be exhausting.
My Aunt up first for a drive while the Uncle takes a picture

Mom and I finished the day giving all the horses, not Roscoe though, trace clips. Ended up being perfect timing since Sunday brought almost 70 degree temperatures. It also brought a text from Roscoe's breeder. She was on her way back from the Royal Winter Fair by way of an airport near by. Time permitting she wanted to come visit.
The way the timing worked out she beat me to the barn. I went and rode Comrade then met her at our barn. She was clicking away with the camera with the boys. The sun was beginning to set giving a really nice background. Then we let Roscoe out in the bigger field to get him moving. IE me swinging her shirt at him. He was in a mood to show off and did some stallion air blows, flipped his tail and produced an awesome trot. I got distracted from my job watching him move. He is just so cool.
Anyway she tried for some pictures, but the light was going so I do not know how many came out. We moved him back to the sacrifice area with the grey boys and we started looking at the pictures from his run, earlier and from the Royal show. She got some really great pictures of Cadence and the Sec. C Harri. As we stood there, Winston came up behind her and rested his head on her shoulder. Winston is our shy boy, so it was a big compliment for him to snuggle with her. My ponies read people really well and were obviously comfortable with her.
She only had a short time before heading to the airport, but it was great to catch up with her. Plus, she agreed our boy is amazing. Glad to know it is not just our biased eyes :)
When she got home she asked for music suggestions to put with Roscoe's video. UH OH I do not listen to much music. I mostly listen to books on CDs in the car.  Coming up with a song on short notice was not going to happen. Well she did just fine on her own. Once some technical difficulties were worked out, she sent me the video with music. It was not music that I would have immediately connected to Roscoe, but as the video goes along the better the song works.
So enjoy the video, by Lisa Brezina of Castleberry Welsh Cobs and let me know what you think.

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