Sunday, November 18, 2012

We Have Created a Monster

Thank you all for your kind thoughts about Rebel and my friend's husband. Things are not looking good for my friend's husband. I keep hoping he will win, but the damage is so severe. Rebel's owner is grieving, but now has to focus on her mare who is alone for the first time. When she settles we will try to put her with my girls. No horse should have to be alone.

And now to better the mood...My niece came and tried out that lead line saddle we bought in July. She walked into the barn and just marched right up to Rosemary. It is so neat to see her lack of fear and her complete fascination.
She started by riding Rosemary. Lily called the saddle her "chair" and boy did she settle right in.
Round and round we went with one happy little girl. And then one of the best moments...
"Hi Mom, I got this"
We went back into the barn and removed Lily, who started crying. My sister in law took off the helmet, which upset Lily too. She kept pointing at Rosemary and saying "chair." So I told her she could ride Dottie. A quick tack change and off we went. Though we had to convince Lily that Dottie was just as good as Rosemary. It did not take much :)
Dottie's walk is smoother, so she felt really confident. She even took both hands off the grab strap.
My brother had to work harder because Dottie is taller and because Lily believed she did not need him holding onto her at all. She pushed his hands away, so he had to sneak to hold the saddle. We took her for a walk around the big field which she loved. I think Dottie forgot there was someone on her back, until Lily babbled.
At the end, we all held our breathe for Lily's reaction. Luckily, she was satisfied and ready to explore the barn. She helped me walk Dottie back to her stall. Dottie very quietly walked next to her.
I love this picture
Lily played in the sawdust while Griffyn wondered what she was doing. Then she picked up the lead line again and led me holding the halter out of the stall and out the barn door. Lily came over and took the halter, which was as big as her, and continued walking.
The halter was discarded when she found...Rocks. She picked up one for each hand and set off for a destination only she knew. She did at one point, drop a rock and pick up a ball of manure. It was bound to happen at some point. My sister in law handled it really well. Lily dropped the manure and picked up her rock again.
She did a circuit around the boy's turn out with a stop near the pond. All during she was followed by the dogs.
Griffyn says " time to play?"
I don't remember where the rocks ended up, but it was a fun stroll through the field. Lily ended her visit visiting the boys. DaVinci was so gentle, putting his head down for her while Roscoe tried not to eat her fingers, but you know they were there. Winston was safe behind his stall wall watching the little noisy person.
I did not get to ride or do most of the things on my list, but Lily brightened my day. I think she is hooked, so my brother better watch out for the monster we created today.