Thursday, November 29, 2012

Happy Dance

We got bad news about my friend's husband last night. The doctors do not believe he has a chance for  a meaningful recovery and would exist in a comatose state. As a police officer and an active father, that is not a way he would like to live. So our friend has decided to end life support and put a DNR (do not resuscitate). I know the decision was heart rending, but in a way I am glad it was clear.

In light of everything, I am looking at the smaller things to be happy about. So my happy dance is because Rosemary finished her round of Chinese herbs. YIPPEE!!!

This has been the hardest medicine to get into her. We have not had a horse dislike the Chinese herbs before, but Rosemary was admit that no way, no how was she eating that stuff. Oh the trials...

Alfalfa cubes, worked once.

Alfalfa cubes with molasses, worked maybe 4 times.

After Rebel passed, Gretchen gave us her left over sweet feed, that worked only for the Chrysanthemum not the Chinese herbs (Max formula)

Sweet feed plus molasses, worked but I had to keep playing with the amount of feed and molasses. It would take her 20 minutes to eat two handfuls of grain. Rosemary stated her opinion quite well by pushing the bowl away.

Mixing the herbs with water in a dosing syringe (Sure Grip made especially to fit the smaller hand), worked well once then was a total nightmare. Once resulted in my mix falling out the bottom because the plunger did not seat well.

And finally...
Premixing the mix in a cup, using watered down molasses, then putting in the syringe. Through lots of trial and error, too thick, too thin, then just right. I swear that stuff multiplied when wet.
Rosemary was a good girl. She did not like the dosing syringe, but the most she did was clamp her mouth shut. Even having to put it in two or three times, she did not cause problems. We gave her a handful of sweet feed to help wash the taste away.

So after 19 days of administering 3 tbsp of Chinese herbs and 1 tsp of Chrysanthemum twice a day, we do not have to torture our poor pony any more. Time for my Happy Dance :)

Now we call Joyce's office to see if we wait or if Rosemary needs more. Holistic medicine is great, but sometimes it does take time to work.

I wonder if the ponies missed our night visit?


  1. So sorry to hear about your friends husband. She must be going through such a hard time right now.

  2. Really sorry to hear about your friends husband she will be in my thoughts. Glad that you are looking at the happy things at the minute.