Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 in a Big Nut Shell

Since I have multiple horses, I am going to do a review by horse. But first, Happy Anniversary Equinpilot. Last year I started the blog more on a whim after being inspired by Jen, Cob Jockey, and found I have really enjoyed the writing and sharing. So thanks to the readers who have supported me and my horses. Speaking of...

He and I did not manage to make it to any shows this year, but considering he suffered a life threatening injury last year I am happy to just be able to ride him. With holistic help DaVinci found peace of mind even while having Manny duties with Roscoe. I love seeing him so happy with life. Who can ask for anything more? DaVinci gave me some really great rides including lateral work in which he excels and I am still learning. I was a proud owner when he behaved during rides from a college girl, our visiting friend and my niece. He turned 24 in December and is still an amazing horse. After 6 years with us, he is my go to, have fun pony to ride. Never thought I would say that about him. 2012 was his year of quiet understanding and confidence.
This picture with DaVinci ears reflects the peace of his year.

My super pony
Dottie had an up and down year. She battled stifle issues which caused some lameness. We knew she needed to get in shape, so we allowed a college girl to ride her during the summer. Although she helped with Dottie's fitness, she did not do much for her training. Her improved fitness did allow for canter work this year that I absolutely enjoyed. I did not enjoy getting my first kick in like 20yrs from her though. The joys of owning a mare. Like DaVinci, Dottie gave great rides to our visiting friend and my niece. Dottie is now 19yrs old and worth her weight in gold.
Dottie and Lily

Our sensitive boy had a wonderful year. Mom is his main rider, but he and I had a few stand out rides. With the right mindset he and I improved so much this year. We even cantered, woo hoo, which inspired Mom to ask him to canter too. Winston and I finally got to show Mom our new improved riding relationship and I had fun enjoying his great movement. He is not quite the caretaker that DaVinci is with Roscoe, but he does well as a play mate. He definitely had a sweet sixteen year. Now to work on losing some of his chunkiness ;)
Sweet boy

Playful boy
Our drama mama had a stellar show season. She participated in both VA Welsh shows where she was placed Grand champion Cob under one judge each time. Rosemary ended the year ranked 7th nationally and 1st regionally. Sounds good on the surface, but the point system favors the "most showed" pony rather than the best. But I did hear that the Judge from the spring show still remembers Rosemary quite well. While Rosemary's under saddle work was slow, she made great strides in her driving training. She was at home between the shafts which made the process pretty smooth. I think we can now claim to own a driving pony :) Rosemary did show adaptability between riders when we put my sister on her as well as our visiting friend. At 5yrs old we have plenty of time for Rosemary to learn and improve, but she was a super star this year.

Pretty girls
Our baby turned 1 and has grown into a handsome boy. His year was one of limits and learning. We used Clinton Anderson methods to learn how to handle his rearing, pulling and general colt antics. Roscoe had a huge change from early year to later year in his behavior. We saw the difference in each of the three shows in which he competed. He was a big pain at the first, but his great handler managed him well. His next show his breeder handled him after working him on the ground the day before. The fall show he had yet another handler and had a moment of naughtiness then stood great. We are excited to see how he is developing and I cannot wait until we can start riding him. Dealing with a colt is a new experience and one that will continue as long as he is manageable and happy. A video his breeder created has brought some positive comments from a few Cob breeders. We tend to be biased so other opinions are great. 2013 may open new doors for us and Roscoe.
Our Fancy boy

Ah, Comrade. This year was a roller coaster. We had one show rained out and one show where Comrade was lame for two weeks after. Our last show was wonderful, trot wise and horrible canter wise. But with all our issues, Comrade had some great breakthroughs with contact, rhythm and impulsion. I have to keep telling myself that he has achieved a lot with 1-2 rides a week and no lessons beyond what my mom could give. We have addressed saddle fit and experimented with treeless saddles. At the end of the year, Comrade proved he does his homework and gave me some of the best rides ever. These Cobs have certainly won me over. Hopefully lessons and jumping shows will come in 2013.

Whew, 6 horses make for a big nut shell review. Plus I will add that Jenna, the appy mare, has joined the mares full time. Rosemary pushes her around when people are near, but all three will stand in the small run in shed together. So far, so good. Here's hoping 2013 exceeds 2012 in greatness.
Best wishes to everyone.


  1. Glad that Jenna has managed to join the mares! Can't wait to hear what 2013 has to bring! Happy New Year!

  2. Great post, I loved reading about all the horses.
    All the best for 2013.

  3. Following you has been so awesome, I'm so glad you started blogging! Roscoe and Comrade are my favorites; Comrade, obviously, and Roscoe because he's a magnificent example of what Lisa sets out to breed and I love a cheeky, fiery Cob. I couldn't have made it through the white clover cough without you this year. Seriously make a New Year's Resolution to get more video, because after that last video of Comrade I am really looking forward to seeing more, you're doing great with him!