Sunday, January 20, 2013

Confused Unicorn

My lovely Rosemary has developed a horn. Unlike the unicorn I wanted when I was younger, her horn has developed on her eyelid.

Figured it out yet?

Yeah, I am talking about her sarcoid. We have seen some crazy changes just within the last month. It looks like her eyelid is giving birth to some alien. Well I will let the pictures show the full effect.

This was from 12-29-12

This is from 1-6-13

1-6-13 side view
1-6-13 front view

This is from 1-9-13. See the change in only three days.

We have braided her forelock and front of her mane to keep it out of the gooey edge.

This is from today, 1-20-13.

Her misplaced unicorn horn.

Some of this is crusty stuff from where the skin has pulled back.

Back view, the rear part is kind of soft and squishy.
So those are the pictures. Can you believe the changes? I hope to come in one day and find the thing has fallen off. She is growing peach fuzz on the smooth area behind the big bump. That is good.
We continue to watch in almost horrified fascination with fingers crossed that she will not need surgery. Rosemary is still our sassy, drama mama so she is not too bothered.


  1. I have only one thing to say: Ewwwwwwww!!!! ;)

  2. Omg!! Poor girl. That must be so horrible for her.