Sunday, January 6, 2013

Still Shaking

Today was a day I never want to experience again. Everything started normal. I fed my ponies, talked with Gretchen and started doing my list of jobs. The list included rounding Dottie and DaVinci's feet and putting tail bags on the four big guys.
Dottie, done.
DaVinci, done.
Winston, done.
And then my day went to hell. I was backing Winston, when he moved toward the blanket rack. I stopped him, ready to move him forward when all of a sudden Winston lost it. The term "blind panic" totally describes him during this moment. He jumped forward, took off and ran into the metal tall rolling ladder. I stood there, helpless as he was stuck and in a panic. Then it got worse. I watched in horror as he fell backward away from the ladder and landed on the wheelbarrow handles. He quickly was caught in the wheelbarrow.
 I figured he would never get up.
 I had visions of broken bones.
All the while I could do nothing. Amazingly, Winston found a way free and he ran off into the field. I walked out dreading what I would find.
He was shaking, but standing on four legs. I saw a scrape over his eye and blood on his mouth. As I stood with him, I realized he was not the only one shaking.
We both walked back to the barn and looked at the aftermath. Winston pooped and snorted and I was in shock. I took off his blanket and quickly checked his back and legs. He ate a cookie and did stretches both ways so that was good. I then put a cooler on him. Of course Mom had used it the day before on Roscoe, so I had to try and adjust straps with hands that were barely working.
I realized I needed help and a second opinion. Peggy was my first thought, but I got her message machine. It was feeding time at her barn. I was still trying to make adjustments to the cooler.
I next tried Mom who was at work. She said she would try to come out, but she said to call Dad. I called Peggy again, but still no answer. Dad was home and he said he would come. That means I had at least an hour before he would show up.
I finally got the cooler on and looked Winston over again. Blood on his inside left leg proved he had been cut.
As horrific as the whole experience was, I was worried I was missing injuries. I really could not believe that was all. My mom called and said she was on her way. Whew...
Just then College girl drives up. I would not choose her opinion normally, but I needed a calm mind to look at Winston. She did not see anything I missed.
I was still tense, so I bagged Rosemary's tail and got the girls ready to go out. Moving around I noticed that by the blanket bar which started it all was a huge hole, which had not been there before. The damn mice had made so many holes they weakened the blue stone. When Winston stepped, the ground fell away and he was caught by the hole and a rake near by.That is what caused the blind panic. It made me feel a little better because I did not read any stress from him when I was asking him to back, so I was shocked at the level of panic.
Winston bent the hand rail on the ladder and demolished the wheelbarrow. I will take that over a broken Winston.
By the time Mom showed up, he had been nibbling hay and starting to relax. She agreed with me about cold hosing his leg, though College girl thought we were strange, so we got the hose ready. He also had a smaller scrape on his other front leg to address. The water showed the first was pretty bad, but not very deep. We put honey on that one and calendula on his other scrapes. Now we hope he heals well.
Winston trotted out a bit when he was turned out and he was still looking good a few hours later when I headed home.
I on the other hand am still shaking and tense. Owning horses brings such joy most of the time and can be utterly scary at others. I hope I never have to see that kind of panic in one of mine again.


  1. That certainly sounds scary. I'm glad the injuries weren't any worse than what they were.

  2. That sounds awful. I'm glad he didn't have too serious injuries. Hope your okay!

  3. ARGH! Thank goodness it looks like he wasn't hurt too badly. You doing okay now?