Wednesday, January 30, 2013

End of an Era

Well our old barn on Base will be torn down soon. Last summer they closed completely, after a few years of only having boarders. Before I was born Ronald Reagan rode at this barn and probably other notables.
I basically grew up at this barn when we moved here 20 years ago. Okay just typing that makes me feel old. I rode in my first show, got bucked off, rode lots of rotten ponies, met my best pony, jumped my first jump and cleaned a million stalls.
Unfortunately, management went downhill and money was short. We left during the management issues and I have not looked back preferring to remember better times. Those memories are priceless even if we have moved onto, literally, greener fields.
So here's to a barn that was a big part of my life and my riding. It was small but mighty and looking back, provided me with some quality training.

Barry and I, 1999 In one of the arenas, used as warm up during shows

Another view of above arena
The Show ring, with ugly pink trailers I did so much homework in.
Cross country, Whoo Hoo
Me and my partner in crime out on the great trails the barn was connected to.
Just inside these doors is where Barry and Sherman's stalls were.
The barn is "T" shaped, this area was where trailers were parked
The show side of the barn, show arena to the left and waiting area to the right. I do miss the arena lights.


  1. I love progress, but hate seeing grand old facilities with lots of memories torn down. That's so sad!

    Half of the photos aren't displaying for me and I'd really love to see it! The military once really knew what it was doing with horses.

    1. Yeah, Jen most of the Base Stables have closed. I do not know if I would own horses now if we did not have the stables. The army still has caisson horses at least.
      I redid the photos, so I hope they are working now.

  2. progress is good but i think getting rid of the old can be hard too :(

    love the pictures :)