Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hang Time with a Twist

Back in December I started laying across Roscoe's back. He handled the situation really well and had no worries at all. Today Mom held him so I could again lay across his back. What a difference from the first time. Instead of moving away from the more weighted side like he did last time, he adjusted beneath me to carry the weight better. With a mounting block bigger than the muck bucket I used last time, I was able to lay more evenly too. We worked both sides with Mom doing a little ground work in between.
Then Mom mentioned that Clinton Anderson moves to laying parallel with the body. I was not quite up to trying to have my feet hang over his butt though. So instead I just hooked one leg over his butt with my foot resting above his tail. Do you think he worried at my weird position? Nope, he just kept begging for cookies. From that position, I swung my leg over and sat on my boy for the first time. You would think we had been on his back a bunch of times as he just stood there as Mom pulled out her phone to have my sister take a picture. I shifted my seat forward a bit, no problem. He walked forward a few steps, no problem. I have to say he did not feel as narrow as I expected, but he is a Cob. I had to try hard to contain my excitement. Our boy is growing up.
To get off I just reversed my movements and went slow, hanging on him a bit. Roscoe was thrilled by our praise, but I don't think he understands how great he really was.
Who Me?
Mom immediately called Peggy to share the news. What can I say this is exciting stuff for us. Not great pictures as my sister is not so good with a camera, but it marks the moment.

Hm, I do not look as big on him as I would have thought

Roscoe, so not worried


  1. this is amazing I love it! Well done to you and your mum and him for being so calm and chilled out :)

  2. What a face! Good boy, Roscoe!

  3. As someone who has saddle broke one of Lisa's Cobs before, I am not surprised one bit. :) They just have such good brains. Shae just turned around and sniffed my foot when I was in the saddle for the first time, while his classmate went bucking across the arena with my best friend. Hooray, Roscoe!