Monday, February 4, 2013

No Pain No Gain

Or in this case Loss.

I finally was able to do my horse's hoof trims on Sunday. And I did Jenna too. Which means in all, I trimmed 22 hooves (Dottie has front shoes).
Today I was reminded why I normally spilt the group into two when I could barely walk. It is amazing the muscle soreness I am feeling. Farrier work addresses different muscles then riding does. But with multiple horses, doing the work myself saves us a lot of money. So I gained pain and my horses lost excess hoof.

I am going to hobble off to bed, but I leave you with some pictures.

Roscoe playing with my hoof stand

Roscoe sticking his tongue out

Roscoe looking cute with freshly trimmed hooves

Rosemary and picture crasher Jenna

Fuzzy girl head

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  1. wow it's so admirable that you do your horses hooves, it's something I would love to do but never think I will do!