Sunday, February 17, 2013

New Bit for Comrade

Peggy picked up a new bit for Comrade to try. It is an eggbut, three piece with a revolver peanut.
He who must always rest a leg while standing in the cross ties

Our first ride was Saturday. I was still dealing with the right side resistance that I had last week, but numerous circles and bendy lines helped soften his neck. He had a foamy mouth after working, but I still am not completely won over.
Today I braved the cold and wind to ride with music. Comrade always keeps me warm. I set up my IPOD on one jump standard and put my camera on another. I worked through some goofy pony in the wind antics before I started the video. This ride was not as good as yesterday, but he did have some good points. He cantered when I asked and not 5 strides later. He did some  great simple changes. No cross cantering or bucking. The music served to focus me and in turn focused him.
I used the music to do intervals, trot during stanzas, canter during chorus and repeat. Comrade's responsiveness improved by the end of a few songs. Some Native American instrumental music served for great walk/ lateral work and into cooling out.
As for the bit, I will keep it for now. It needs more usage in better circumstances. Comrade gets trimmed tomorrow so I am hoping that will help a lot since he is really long.

And I will warn you I did not edit the video.
I hope everyone is staying warm.


  1. Love how you have used the music to determine what you were doing :)

  2. Hope the new bit works out. Comrade is adorable!!