Sunday, February 24, 2013

Taking A Leap

All winter I have been looking at clinics listed in our area. Jumping, flat, lateral, you name it there have been clinics. Work and weather have made going to any impossible...before.

Yes, that's right next month Comrade and I will be going to a flat/jumping clinic.

The clinician, Yvonne Lucas, is an unknown for me so we shall see how I like her. I have been fortunate to have awesome instructors in the past which raises the bar for new ones. When I contacted her about setting up the lesson I mentioned I would be riding a Welsh Cob. She answered that one of her boarders has a Cob who she loves. Small world, huh. Anyway she sent the necessary forms and waivers for me to fill out. As I was filling out my info about my experience it was very sad. Over ten years have passed since I last competed in eventing. Where has the time gone? I don't feel like I have been away that long.  Ah well, hopefully between Comrade and Roscoe I will get back there.

For this clinic:
It will be Comrade's first time in an indoor. Fun times.

Hopefully we get to do some fun gymnastic work.

We will get feedback about flat work from experienced eyes.

I told her about our bucking problem at canter, so the door is open.

Good time to work away from home with out the pressure of a show.

My leap ought to be interesting and hopefully will work out better than my last leap with a well known dressage rider. Mom and I loved the rider's books, but were sorely disappointed in her actual teaching.
Forms are in the mail, let the countdown begin. 13 days to go. Now if only Comrade could stay clean...


  1. How awesome! I don't know the clinician, but your list of issues are exactly what clinicians like to see - concrete things they can work on and figure out in your alloted time. Can't wait to hear how he does, and you'll do great too!

  2. Yay! Cant wait to hear how it goes.

  3. Can't wait to hear how this goes, good luck :D

  4. Excited for you! And also a tiny bit jealous :)