Friday, February 15, 2013


So has everyone heard about the new USDA requirements for interstate travel with livestock, including horses? A new program to track horses in case of disease outbreaks.

Not good :(

An Interstate Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (ICVI) is now needed before traveling to another state unless you fit in the exclusions. The vet who issues the certificate has to forward a copy to the state so they know ahead of time. Sounds like a scheduling nightmare.

Normally this would not effect me at all, but there are a number of Welsh shows that take place in Maryland. We attended one last year and though we enjoyed the facility there was the added cost of tolls and extra gas. The added necessity of getting a certificate could make those shows too cost prohibitive.

 I tried looking on our vet's website to see if they listed what was needed, but the site does not reflect the new changes. An email may be needed.

Will anyone be changing show/ travel plans due to the new rules?


  1. While the new rule could be effected, I could imagine it causing it a lot of people problems, especially extra costs and getting the certificate to fit in with their time schedule :)

  2. I'm in Canada, so I need what sounds like similar paperwork and scheduling to bring a horse across the border in the first place. I like the idea, but logistically and financially it sounds like a nightmare. There must be an easier way.