Monday, April 29, 2013

Not a Cookie Cutter Stud

Tomorrow will be Roscoe's 14th day at ERC. And he will spend it there. The vet believes Roscoe is phantom trained. That means he will mount the first time and ejaculate. He also allows cleaning and beyond a bit of excitement behaves for the handlers. Where Roscoe deviates from other stallions is that he wants the teaser mare right in front of the phantom. He does not need to touch her, but he does need to see her. If the mare is placed in front, he mounts straight. If she is by the tease rail, he either mounts sideways (probably whatever way lets him look at the mare) or he chooses to ignore the phantom.
So Roscoe does not fit the cookie cutter expectations. What a surprise... NOT. He has done things his own way since he was born. Not their idea of "perfect" but it gets the job done.
He has reverted to rearing when he does not get what he wants, like trying to rush the phantom. I think that reaction stems from the  stud chain and nerves. Hopefully he will be good once he gets home.
Roscoe's fall back reaction: Rearing
When he is coming home is still up in the air. Training wise, he is free as of Wednesday.
But there is a possibility that one of the mares his breeder is looking to breed, will be in season this week. If she is ready by Thursday or Friday, then we will leave him at ERC for collection. If she is not ready this week then, we want him home and will trailer him back for collection. She is going to tease the mare in the morning to see where she is at in her cycle. More news when I know.

And now for a change of subject, my new niece was born this morning. Welcome Claire Kathryn!!

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  1. To me putting the mare in front of the phantom makes perfect sense :)