Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Moment of Freedom

For the last week or so, we have let Winston roam the barn. Mostly he wanders stall to stall eating up any hay leftover by the others. Occasionally, he has picked up a trot. He sounds nice and even on the rubber mats. He is less grumpy and his stall is cleaner with the additional roaming time. He is now down to 1oz of B-L a day, which is the same amount DaVinci and Dottie get for their old bones.
So with all the good signs, we put a muzzle on him and let him out with the boys in the sacrifice area for the first time. Winston trotted off, so happy to be free. Roscoe and DaVinci also were happy he was out with them. He nibbled what little grass he could get through the muzzle, chatted with the girls and put Roscoe in his place.
Seeing him out there took some weight off my chest. It was only 45min, but he enjoyed every minute. Then he came in, ate breakfast and settled in his stall with his hay for the day. You could not wish for a better horse to deal with the situation.
Here is a link to a short video of him in turn out almost a month post diagnosis and Laminil treatment: 6-4-13

Checking in with everyone

Trying to graze next to the jump Roscoe played over the other day

Winston 6-4-13, see he has withers

Winston April 2013, see how much weight he has lost