Thursday, June 27, 2013

Oh Girls...Sigh

Where to start?

I have always laughed at movies that have the little ladies riding the sweet mare. Ha, they would do better on a gelding. Mare's can be so opinionated and complicated.
My girl's are no exception. Since Jenna has joined the mare herd the dynamics have been crazy. Dottie is the boss. She sometimes has to use the two by four method to get that through to Jenna, which for a big horse is unusual. Rosemary is next in line and at 2 hands smaller than Jenna she has to be much more obvious. She tends to run at Jenna and move her around.
Well Jenna has been with the girls since December and the drama has... increased.

Twice in the last 10 days, Jenna has come in with really good kick marks. One on her butt and one on her neck. I think she has no clue how to get out of the way. Her previous kicks we attributed to Dottie, but these we think are Rosemary.

College Girl is back for the summer and she has restarted her rides on Dottie. She gets Dottie moving without breaking her, so we let her come. She has matured some since last summer which helps. Anyway when she brings Dottie inside, Rosemary starts running around and calling. The barn monitor hates when her charges are out of sight. She runs, bucks and burns calories. She does not care who is in her way. And so Jenna becomes her hit and run victim. Unfortunately we have no where else for Jenna to go. You would think she would learn, but who knows.

Interestingly, Mom read an article that stated that dominant mares have second in commands that do their dirty work. So Rosemary is a Enforcer just doing her natural duty. The article continued to say that the second in command mares tend to be less spooky and more forward. Ding, Ding, definitely Rosemary. I guess we shall continue to watch the drama and hope it will soon settle.

Dottie eating bunny, so scary

Now for funny mare news, according to College Girl Dottie is scared of rabbits. It must have been a great winter for rabbits because they are everywhere this year. Popping out here, running there causing the big girl to be squirrely.
College Girl is not a brave rider so Dottie is a different horse when she rides her. We tried College Girl on DaVinci once, but it was not a good ride. Well yesterday Mom, my sister and College Girl all went for a ride. My sister normally rides Dottie, but Mom put her on Rosemary. Good thing too because College Girl looked at Rosemary and said "I've seen you from the ground, no way am I riding you." Say what!!! Yes Rosemary is a drama queen, but she is better under saddle. She took care of my sister for a long ride around the fields and over small ditches. I would have been less surprised if she had said Rosemary was too small since she is like 6ft tall. Oh well she misses out on all that Cob greatness. More for us :)

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