Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Roscoe turns 2 and Kayla turns 10

This is one of our double birthday days. Our corgi of nine years turned 10 today. She is going gray over her eyes and really showing her age. Kayla still tries to keep up with the German Shepherd though.
Kayla enjoying the nice day while waiting for Mom to come to the barn.

And Roscoe turned 2 yrs old today. He is such an old soul that it seems like we have had him much longer. We celebrated by having a cook out at Peggy's farm where he was born. This year Roscoe was even able to come to his own party.
We let him play in the arena, then worked him a little over some poles and jumps. Then when he was nice and tired, thank you VA humidity, we tacked him up and I did one lap around the ring on him. I was chewing my Rescue Remedy gum the whole time to help chill me out. Being in a fenced arena with a flat surface really made him easier to sit on. Such a super pony.
When we took Comrade, Addie and DaVinci for a trail ride, Roscoe showed off his cob trot while stating his opinion at being left behind. Of course my camera was in the house.

So here is our video of our short walk about. Peggy's husband was walking with us too which helped keep him straighter. He works with Wounded Warriors to have military men and women ride the caisson horses for rehab. He has a strong, but quiet presence that just makes you feel better.

And a few pictures from the day.
Big trot and he is not even trying yet


And Canter

Cross over

Listen to the head Mare

Our oldest, DaVinci 25yrs young and our youngest Roscoe 2yrs old


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    1. I know he makes my others look like they are stiff. He loves to stretch for sugar cubes.

  2. Happy birthday Roscoe and Kayla!! Gorgeous pictures.