Monday, June 24, 2013

Gingerbread Man

"You have to catch me first!!!" would be Winston's new favorite phrase.

We have been letting him go out with the boys while we are at the barn. That could be 45min to 4hrs depending on the day. He has decided that he likes being back out with the boys and only wants to come in if they do. So when Mom went to get him, off he trotted. Eventually she opened the barn doors and he trotted in there like "Ha, I am going in here." Just where she wanted you silly.

As of Sunday he is off of the B-L and not getting any pain medicines. That decision came about the time we started seeing his stall get messier and messier from him moving around. Obviously he is feeling better. More turnout has helped that issue some.

Today we decided to try putting him out for the day and having Jenna's owner bring him in for the night when she came in the evening. Finger's crossed he lets her near him. We told him he could go out, but he had to wear a muzzle. DaVinci and Roscoe need hay and Winston inhales hay so the muzzle will slow him down. Long term we worry about the typical muzzle being too hot and rubbing him. Well, this weekend Jenna's owner moved her stuff into our barn to make room for the new horses coming next weekend and she had a different muzzle Peggy had given us. We thought she had donated it thinking none of the horses could use it, but this morning there is was the answer to our muzzle problem.

This muzzle is connected to a halter with buckles and is only a piece of rubber with slits in it. If it works we need another halter because this one is a bit small around his cheeks. Hopefully ole Babycakes won't  figure out how to undo the buckles. Those Cobs have nimble lips. Winston took one look at the muzzle in my hand and off he went like the Gingerbread Man. I love how the horses know which one is my focus. As he tried to hide behind Roscoe, Roscoe was like "Nope not me, not my problem." and kept eating hay. I ended up having to open the barn doors and "let" him go inside.

So Not digging the muzzle
We suited him up in a fly sheet, boots and mask and sent him off. No call from the other owner saying she could not get him in, so hopefully he is tucked into his stall tomorrow.

Finally got his vet bill for the Laminil treatment and the Laminil cost us $125. Plus the farm call and other stuff used, that is not to bad a bill all considering. Dad of course was hoping it would be free, but I am not complaining since the results have been great. The trial person contacted me and asked my opinions. I sent him the videos and my impressions. It will be interesting how the product effects the horse world when it is readily available.


  1. That's a really reasonable bill! Glad he's doing better.

    1. I know but Dad is a forever Yankee so is always hoping for cheaper. Probably all together his vet bills, meds and accessories are under $1000. I will take that compared to the over$10,000 our friend spent on her foundered horse.
      And wild man went cantering out of the barn today :)

  2. So glad Winston is ok :-) and that bill is really good.