Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New Stuff

In between rain showers, we have had moments of sunshine. Not enough to ride though.

So, here are some new stuff we have gotten over the week:

A new mower!!! Not as big as we would have liked, but my parents had to replace the AC unit at home so Dad had to go smaller. It is a Cub Cadet with a 54" cutting deck and power steering. This will also pull our spreader easily. We feel so much better finally having a working mower again.

Hoof testers!!! I have wanted a set ever since I started trimming feet and finally my parents gave me a set for my birthday. These are something any horse owner should own and put in a medical kit. A much better gift than my black and blue gift from Roscoe last year :)

 And from my coworkers, a Clydesdale version of Roscoe. He walks and is suppose to jump since he comes with a jump. He will decorate my office. I got a really cute card that goes with the horse. This year they all went above and beyond. Including a homemade cake decorated by another coworker.

Anyone else think this pony is missing a leg?
And finally Peggy brought Mom's new harness for Rosemary. Peggy shined all the brass and cleaned the leather. These are not great pictures, but I will try to get better ones. Rosemary was so good for Peggy as she harnessed her up before we drove up. She dealt with all the adjustments, of which there were many and was so happy to go to work. We did not have time to hook her to the carriage. Ah well another time. As soon as Mom took off the harness, drama mama appeared. Rosemary started calling and looking for Dottie. Somethings never change.

You can even see the brass buckles on the crupper
Bling Bling

Pretty  brass and patent leather on headstall