Saturday, September 27, 2014

CPEAP Trivia Contest: Win an Equi in Style Shirt

Ok, I said a contest would be forthcoming and here it is. You do have to work for this one, but considering how hard Wound Warriors work during therapy it all works.
Recently Larry came to have some Equi in Style Shirts that could be used for the Caisson Platoon program. Unfortunately the shirts were only female, making that hard to do. He gave one to me and still had more on hand. So I offered to do a contest. In order for CPEAP to benefit, I told him I would make it a trivia contest. This way the program gains awareness. You all know how I great I think the program is and now it is your turn to share what they do.

How this works:
1. Answer 4 questions and an optional Bonus question. Answers can be found at

2. Post the answers on YOUR Blog there by spreading the knowledge. (If you don't have a blog, please share on a social media site and let me know)

3. Post a link to that Blog on my post in the comments.

4. Extra entries added if you make up trivia questions of your own in your Blog post. Anyone who answer's your questions can leave a comment here to be entered too.

5. Contest ends Oct 10, Winner picked by random drawing.

Pardon my bad modeling

The prize is a long sleeve red EIS Cool shirt from their site:
Cutting edge fabric technology combines body cooling IceFil with the most advanced moisture control and the equivalent of SPF 50 UV protection.
Reduces Body Temperature by 5 Degrees
• Highest Level of Skin Protection – equal to UPF 50+
• Light Weight - Breathable             
• Moisture Wicking - Quick Drying
• Great Fit - Easy Care
• Cooling Mesh Panels                       
• Anti-Microbial - Odor Control
• Travel friendly
Now for the questions

1. When was the Caisson Platoon Equine Assisted Programs started?

2. What are at least 3 benefits of equine assisted therapy?

3. Students complete _____ ______ twice each lesson which helps record the therapeutic effects.

4. This picture shows on important facet of the program. What is it?

Bonus (answer not found on the website, must think about it)
Recently arena letters were purchased for the program. Why did fence letters work better than letters on cones?

These are the letters they use in the program.

I will announce the winner and the trivia answers on Oct 11th. Good luck and thanks.


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