Sunday, September 7, 2014

Laminil Offer, Please Share

I have not forgotten Part 2 of the Foreign Exchange. It is in process, but this popped up on Facebook and I think it needs to be shared.

Laminil has offered one free future treatment to those who donate $20 or more to their fund. Without funding they cannot finish the FDA process. To me and those who have experienced Laminitis in the past, this is a great investment. And for dollar comparison, when Winston received treatment during the trial we paid $100. Makes $20 seem a lot less now right?

Laminil Offer link

Laminil came into my life the day before we needed it and I thought "How wonderful." Then the next day Winston would barely walk and was diagnosed with Laminitis. When the doctor said Winston would be able to be part of the trial, we had hope. His was not the most severe, but he still had pain. Even though he would have healed without the drug, I think his pain level would have been higher.

Winston is a happy, healthy boy now. He gets to go on trailrides and learn to Spanish Walk. Explore the Laminil website and see the other success stories. They even worked with a more advanced case too.

Please share this on your blogs and Facebook pages, so others can help. You never expect to deal with Laminitis, but if you own horses the possibility is always there. $20 can bring peace of mind for you and less pain for your horse. We have all heard the term "No hoof, No Horse," this drug helps aid the process of preventing that saying.


  1. I love kickstarters for good products that otherwise would struggle to come to market, and this is definitely one of them for me after seeing how it helped Winston. I am definitely going to donate and share, thanks for letting us know about it!

    1. Yay! Thanks, they have done even more in the last year that shows promise.