Thursday, March 12, 2015

Operation "Get Fat"


I wish I could see the questioning looks as you guys read this title. It certainly is one I never thought to write.

Okay not this fat...

Now for the story behind the title. Lisa, Roscoe's breeder, contacted me about a few other mares that may be added to his harem. She said he could be a busy boy during his stay. With all the "work" in his future and just the fact that stallion's burn so many calories during breeding season, we have to increase Roscoe's weight. He has never been one to carry much weight and he always looks light when going through a growth phase. This means we have our work cut out for us.
So Operation "Get Fat" begins with giving Roscoe a second meal and adding Senior Glow to both meals. The Senior Glow is what we feed the older horses and seems to satisfy hunger. It is a close equivalent to the Performance type of food offered by ADM. This process will also help us determine how much food he will need while he is gone. He is enjoying the special treatment and today he looked like he put on some weight.

Roscoe 3-12-15: Slighty Chunky

The next step will be putting him out in a neighbor's pasture. We will see what Dr. Green will do for him. That will prep him for the turn out he will have in Indiana. He will still wear a muzzle for this time out so that he does not over indulge.

In addition to adding weight, we are trying to build muscle too with riding. If he is fit, the work will not be as hard when he breeds. So the countdown begins. Just under two months until we bring him to Indiana.


  1. That's coming right up! Good news is you wouldn't think it would be too hard to get a cob fat...Emi's a bit on the chunky side at the moment. Oops!

    1. Ha, Alanna you would think it would be easy, but Roscoe has always been lean. It is hard to believe he is eating more than Dottie right now and still needs more weight. I think mares put weight on easier. Rosemary is chunky too. Wish we could move her extra weight to her son :)

  2. haha poor Roscoe leads a tuff life, eh? you must be so excited!

  3. Haha, that was not what I was expecting when I saw the title!

  4. I still can't see pictures!! What is going on?? :(