Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Snow Day = Snow Ride

We have had enough snow to keep things interesting without being overwhelming. What it has done is make driving difficult resulting in closures. One of those days was my day off, so no benefit to me. Then the other day Mom and I left to go to the barn before work, which was on a delay at the time. As we left our neighborhood, the radio announced that our work had gone Code Red. Snow DAY!!!

Super cute pony head against awesome scenery
Well we still needed to continue to the barn, but at least there was no rush. As we arrived the snow stopped and the sun came out. The day was actually quite nice. I told Peggy that we needed to go for a ride. First we did most of the chores, then we had lunch while watching the horses enjoy the sun. Finally we decided to ride before finishing the last chores.
The Cobs were chosen since they basically volunteered. I took Roscoe's blanket off and saw a sign of Spring...lots of loose hair. I could pull hand fulls off just rubbing him. Roscoe enjoyed the resulting massage. Then once his saddle on he rushed me to put his bridle on. He is always so ready to work. This ride was his first in the snow. He did not even care about the snow in the arena. Once I got his focus off of Rosemary and what Sonny was doing, he went right to work. Rosemary also was really happy to work. Her Cob was showing as she trotted around. The snow made them work almost as if they were doing poles. After we played around in the ring, we made Peggy happy by going for a trail ride. Walking to the trail head, Roscoe looked closely at the snow banks wondering where they came from. On the trail he was nosy too at the beginning. Then I felt him develop his huge flat footed walk and we were off. We stayed on the flatter portions of the trail to be safe, but still had a fulfilling ride. Comrade acted like he was the 3 yr old, jigging around behind Roscoe. It got to the point Roscoe started wondering if he was suppose to be doing something. He listened to me when I told him to just ignore Comrade. They all were so good on the snow ride.

3 Cobs after a Snow Ride

Considering how horrible the morning weather was, this ride was the exact opposite. As much fun as riding in the snow is, I could do without anymore. Unfortunately, there is more in the forecast for tomorrow.

Night Snow Ride with Rosemary a few days earlier


  1. Haha "her cob was showing" - sound like a blast!! Our trails are so hilly and rocky that I worry about going out in snow... But this makes me want to try!

  2. The pictures aren't showing up for me. :(