Saturday, May 9, 2015

Success = Immense Relief

The reality of Roscoe leaving is starting to hit me hard. And trying to find a saddle was seriously stressing me. How could I ask Jen to ride him and not have tack he would work well in? I was to the point of trying the treeless. While talking to Peggy, I joked that Comrade's saddle would probably fit Roscoe since she bought it for him when he was five. She said to try it and see.
Well, the morning was insane and I was tense. So, I loaded stalls with sawdust before heading out for a hair appointment. After getting a flower to match Rosemary's, I was ready to tackle the saddle search.
May Flowers :)

The Thornhill Germania resulted in the same kind of ride the Pro Trainer did. I seriously felt like Roscoe's brakes were locked. He was not willing to move above a walk. The fit was good around his withers, but just below their was some tightness. Roscoe said that any pressure on his shoulders means he can't move. So up next was Comrade's Black Country saddle. For those of you that like County Saddles, this saddle was made by former County employees who started their own company. Peggy had it made for him as a five year old, but by time in came from England it was too small. It was just bad timing considering how slowly the Cobs grow.

Roscoe approved Black Country

I placed the saddle on Roscoe's back and worried it would be too big especially towards the back. It was worth a try though. I put the sheepskin pad underneath and girthed him up. The best part was that I could easily run my hand from wither to girth. No tightness. Time to ride.
Roscoe walked off well and seemed happy. Now to see how long that happy would last. I asked for trot to the left. At first he was reluctant, but persistence paid off and he trotted. Okay, good start. Then we moved around the arena and he still maintained his pace. No slowing down, no reaching and I could post with out him balking. I looked at Peggy and asked if the saddle could go with him to Indiana. The next time I asked him to trot, he picked it up right away and moved freely forward. Roscoe has spoken, this saddle is a winner. We both sighed in immense relief.

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  1. what a relief to be able to check off at least one thing from what i'm sure is an immense 'to-do' list! also - love the flowers!