Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Recap and Wrap Up

This year started out with a big decision: Letting Roscoe go to Indiana for two months to breed. It was a hard choice to make since he has only been away from us for two weeks before and his ridden work was increasing. Hopefully getting one of his foals will make it worth it.

Then I had some fun with my new camera and the Grey Boys.

 We managed a three cob ride in the snow, Roscoe's first.
 Roscoe was introduced to side reins.
 Then we saw how it transferred to the saddle
 Rosemary said she would not let Roscoe show her up.
 We found a solution to Dottie's nympho issues.
 But Peggy got her a heart bling browband while shopping the Dover tent sale.
 Roscoe shows me that he will jump at liberty, the start of much fun to come.
 We leave our baby in Indiana so he can make his own babies. While there we experience the loss of a newborn foal.
 But we also see Roscoe's cousin
 And Rosemary's sister
 And Roscoe's great grandmother. Little did we know the ride home would be long with a nearly blown tire.
 A mid term visit with Roscoe, cause who could go two months without seeing him, allowed us to meet the newest foal.
 Plus see the mares he bred, Ebony and Ffion (yes his g. grandma)
 And the younger girls, Rosalee (half sis to both Rosemary and Comrade), Rosina (half sis to Comrade) and Dyma Hi (full sis to Comrade)
 The new foal, always an awesome experience to play with them.
 From foals to my nephew and niece getting pony rides on Rosemary
 And Dottie, they never ride just once.
 Ah and yes our lovely trail ride that turned endless and required help from 911.

 Roscoe's home and ready to show off.

 Rosemary shows where his talent came from.

 Dottie dearest takes to the rail like a pro.

 Rosemary earns her Good Citizen award when she lets a three year lead her in.
 Roscoe and I have our first lesson, I learn my boy is normal and I am not messing him up.

 Mom and Peggy have our first two Cob drive, They all were super.
 Mom and I have a great ride on both our Cobs producing this mother/offspring picture.
 Winter clips begin with a large clip for Rosemary. A great thing since we had such warm weather.
 Roscoe and I survive bareback, redeeming ourselves from when I fell off.
 This wet warm Christmas, Rosemary and I played over Christmas tree poles.
 She wore her awesome new dragon bling given to all the Cobs by our Blogger Gift Exchange.

And on this New Year's Eve, I finally did Rosemary's fun clip. Those dang curvy bits are hard. 

Comrade closed the year with an excellent ride after nearly a month off. He enjoyed the Christmas Tree poles too also while wearing his new dragon bling. Go Welsh!

Though this year was not a showy one, I did manage to achieve one goal. I drove Rosemary solo and even played with a cones course
Next year hits off the 4th year for Equinpilot and I can't wait. I love to read other blogs and receive comments on my own. Hopefully 2016 will bring us back to the shows, breed and open.
Also in 2016 we await the arrival of Roscoe babies. 5 months left before a possible 5 foals will come. Of course I will be doing a Foal Pool, so get your guess ready.

Happy New Year!!!

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  1. happy new year!! i love all the pics and am just as excited to see what 2016 brings - esp Roscoe babies!!! :)