Monday, December 21, 2015

Footing Upgrade For the Red Boys

Ever since we moved to Peggy's, the one small run in shed gets really wet and muddy. We have tried leveling it out and putting mats inside, That worked for a while when the ground was frozen, but with the thaw came mud squishing up from under the mats.
It was tough to see. This shed is the Red Boys cover when they are in their sacrifice area. We all racked our brains trying to come up with a solution. A local company makes grid material which Peggy used in another spot in a different turnout. Unfortunately, the price was high and the items not readily available. With winter coming, the problem was growing.
So super researcher Peggy started looking for alternatives. Soon she found something that was worth trying and was under $500. This stuff was an expandable plastic grid that you fill with rock. Peggy and Larry bought two 6ft x 12ft sections. Not only were they able to cover the shed area, but they did the area just outside too. Then they used the extra pea gravel to fill the grid. The results were better than we could have expected. Solid footing that kept the horses above the wetness. Plus the  boys have a little pea gravel deck. Then to finish it they used landscaping timbers along the edge of the grid.
The grid w/ holes to allow water movement

Going by the amount of poop we find inside the shed, the Red Boys approve of their new footing. And all of us rest easier knowing they have somewhere to get out of the mud. Sixpence Farm keeps getting better and better :)

The Red Boys shed and deck.


  1. huh that's really cool! i'll be interested to hear how it holds up through the season