Saturday, December 5, 2015

25 Questions

Wet weather, no riding so why not jump on this blog hop.

Mare's or Gelding's Why?
Before buying Dottie our wonderful draftx mare, I would have said Geldings no question. They tend to have less hormonal problems and better attitudes. But now I can say that even with hormonal issues Mares can be awesome and willing to do things for an owner. Geldings can have health issues because they lack the hormones so they are pretty even.

So I will give the off the wall answer and say a Stallion :) Roscoe is like and mare and gelding combined.

Green Broke or Fully Broke?
I will say green broke because they come with less bad habits.

Would You Own A Hotter Breed?
I will always prefer a horse that needs whoa rather than go. Maybe it is because we own Arabs and used to own a Morgan. The Welsh Cobs we have can be frisky, but are more slow twitch.

What Was Your Dream Horse Growing Up?
I wanted my own MerryLegs from Black Beauty. 

What Kind of Bits Do You Use And Why?
Dottie, DaVinci and Rosemary are ridden in the Myler three piece comfort barrel loose ring. I really like this bit because it is thin for horses with low palettes. For Dottie she cannot lean on it.
Comrade, Winston and Roscoe are ridden in three piece loose ring with the peanut. This bit is friendly and not too thick. Rosemary and Comrade also drive in this bit.
When needed we have a Eggbut three piece to help Roscoe with turning, a baucher to help pick up Winston, Rosemary and Comrade in the frond end. 
Helmet or No Helmet?
Helmet always when mounted on the back of a horse, 90% of the time when driving. 
Favorite Horse Color?
Remember MerryLegs? Yep it has always been a Gray for me. Mom said I asked for a Gray pony and that is what I got in my superstar Arab, Barry. Before him there was Lacey, Sugar and Cochise all white school ponies/horses.
Least Favorite Horse Color?
Hmm, paints with more white than color. They tend to be the definition of stubborn. I used to say chestnuts because of their skin issues and attitudes, but I can't say that anymore with Roscoe and Comrade.
Dressage or Jumping?
Why choose? Both. Although I have not evented in years, that will always be my choice.
How Many Years Have You Been Riding?
Consistently, 23 years. Before that I did summer camp and a few lessons. Plus a birthday pony ride every year.
Spurs/Whip or No Spurs/Whip?
This a I prefer not to use anything, but I will use them when needed situation. For the most part I will carry a whip, but only rarely need to use it.
Your First Fall?
My first fall was in the warm up ring during my first Hunter show the day before my birthday. The crowded ring caused Lacey, super cute Shetland cross, to spook and dump me. I cried for my mom, but still managed to get back on and show.
When Was The Last Time You Rode And What Did You Do?
Monday the 30th, I hopped on Comrade bareback and worked him over some trot poles.
Most Expensive Piece of Tack You Own?
Barry's Thornhill Germania
How Old Were You When You Started Riding?
Consistently, age 10.
Leather or Nylon Halters?
Roscoe has a leather halter for breeding and one for showing. They are safe and sturdy. For normal day to day or trailering, I want a break away aspect. No full nylon halters.
Leather or Synthetic Saddles?
I love leather saddles, but right now I can handle the tackroom full of quality synthetic saddles we have.
What Type of Reins Do You Like?
Web reins or smooth leather.
English or Western?
How Many Horses Do You Currently Own/Lease?
5 total, 2 gray arab geldings, 1 perch/TBx bay mare, 1 welsh cob black mare and her chestnut stallion son.
Do You Board Your Horse? Full Board? Self Care? etc.?
I think the best way to describe our situation is a co-op. Self care, but our friends who own the property will help on the times we are not there.
Have You Ever Put Down A Horse You Loved?
Well the love of my life, Barry met his end by lightning but getting the call was just as bad. We did have to put down my mom's love, her Morgan five years ago. He was our first horse so it was a blow especially since we lost Barry the year before.
How Many Saddle Pads Do You Have?
We have two sheepskin dressage pads and 1 sheepskin half pad. The others we own fill a 50gal tote. Way too many.
Slant-Load or Straight-Load Trailer?
Straight load, my guys totally prefer it to slant load.
Why Do You Ride?
I love the connection between me and the horse I am on. There is nothing like it in the world. It is still amazing to me what these super animals will do for us because they trust us.


  1. great answers - and i loved reading about some of your past horses like Barry too

  2. lol your answer to number one :P