Friday, May 20, 2016

A Walk With Roscoe and Baby #4

I have been riding very sporadically last month and this month due to weather and my hand. The hand is still sore, so I am still trying to be conservative. I hopped on Roscoe yesterday for a quick ride and ended up just asking for canter both ways. The transitions were pretty rough, but his canter was enjoyable. He really needs to canter, so I need to ask for it more often. While the ride was great, the best part came at the end when we cooled out. His walk was huge, with a relaxed swing. I decided to share as I did with Comrade a while ago. So take a walk with Roscoe and enjoy.

And this morning Lisa got a surprise by seeing a baby on the camera. Ebony decided she did not need any spectators. So welcome to the world, black little colt with a star, small snip and 3 socks. Once I get home I will update this post with the winner of the foal pool.

*** And the Winner is....Alanna. She was the only one to guess Colt, but it was her date that sealed her win. Congrats for your second win. One more foal to go and that could be soon.

Someone has a star like his Granddam and socks nearly like his Grandsire.


  1. Awwww - what a gorgeous baby! The link did not work for me for the walk with Roscoe :(

    1. Darn, it was suppose to link to my Facebook. I will repost it tonight when I get home and can put it on youtube.

    2. Okay I changed the link so hopefully it will work for you now.

  2. Gorgeous! I want to take them all home :)

  3. ooooh what a handsome little baby!

  4. Cool! I'm a winner. :)

    I second (or third) wanting to take all of the cob babies home.