Monday, July 18, 2016

Have a Little Faith, Please

"Trouble, Who me?"

I swear since Roscoe was born, we have dealt with people asking if we were doing the right thing with him. From keeping him a stallion to riding him in a show. Those of you who have read this blog know that we put a lot of work into Roscoe and he continues to surprise us. Yes, in a perfect world I would have lessons and be able to bring him to lots of places. Sorry, my world is not perfect. My pony is stuck creeping along with me.
Anyway I did not sign up for this show thinking it would be a cakewalk. These are the facts:

Positive Thinking!!!
1. Roscoe is a five year old. I will expect a distracted, baby. I will also pack the in hand tools to work with him.

2. Roscoe is a Stallion!!! I do know this fact. I expect him to call and I expect the chance he will charge other horses. So I will not sit like  a sack of potatoes on him.

3. The temperature will be in the high 90's. I think that will slow down my Cob who tends to be on the lazy side.

4. Roscoe will have all day to chill out, I will have all day to worry. I am a nervous shower. That said he is not my first 5 yr old  project pony. I have a history of riding rotten ponies.

5. I would never leave the barn if I worried about the "could be's" or "maybe's."

6. My pony is not a robot and has a mind of his own. I will think positive and deal with any issues.

7. This show is a schooling opportunity, no more, no less.

So please have a little faith in Roscoe! He is a good boy. I am not one to hide the growing pains of training and I won't start now. What happens, will happen. We trailered him to Peggy's as a 2yr old for his first long ride and he did great. I am holding onto the positive moments and the fact that I know him. If I never took chances, I would not have him or Rosemary.


  1. He's going to be fine! You're doing a good job with him, and I'm so glad you've kept him a stallion, especially after seeing his foals. Good luck!

  2. Sounds like you have the right attitude! I hope you both have fun!

  3. It's going to be just fine. You are confident in what you're doing, no reason to give those naysayers any of your focus :)

    PS I am so glad you chose Ember -she was my absolute favorite and I can't wait to see her grow up.

  4. *Him. See him grow up. Ember is a boy, I knew this.

  5. Have a great time and deal with anything as it comes up. It will be a great learning experience for both of you.

  6. I've no doubt you'll both learn a lot about each other, here's hoping you both have fun too. I'm sure you guys'll do great ☺

  7. Everyone's got to start somewhere! Best of luck, you always do the right thing for your ponies!

  8. You've done such a good job with him so far, I can't imagine this show will be any different!

  9. Go have fun and show off that gorgeous boy!

  10. you guys got this!!! horse people are so quick to pass judgement on how other horse people do things.... it's just noise tho. i hope you have a blast!