Friday, July 1, 2016

Tackling the Goal Post

I am considering showing Rosemary at a show this month. The welsh show offers driving classes pleasure and working. I am not sure I can get her to back, but it would be a good experience. They also offer a cones course which I would really like to do.
So Mom and I set up an exercise that Andy Marcoux had at the driving clinic. The exercise puts the cones in the shape of a goal post. It allows the horse/driver to work on open stretches and tighter areas.
This shape made with 5 cone gates

Rosemary was really good. We put a straight bar driving bit in her mouth and kept the curb loose. She seemed to be okay with the bit, but she did pop up occasionally. Part of that could be the fact I was making her go up and down a hill. She like Roscoe tried to just walk downhill when she figured out it was a lot of work to control herself and the cart at trot. She was really maneuverable with that bit though. I think I nearly ran us into a tree a few times. When I did steer her right we did circles and curved lines. So much fun!

I just may be brave enough to try a course at the show. Mom took her turn before taking a drive down the road. Deliah called dibs on the passenger seat. I let her have it since it was her 3rd birthday and she loves riding in the carriage.

Mom with her little passenger