Friday, July 15, 2016

Scaled Back

After the visit from my family, I got sick. Nothing crazy, but enough to put me off for the week. I had to mail out the show entry by today and sat down last night to decide what to do. I nearly said we just would not go, but Mom already got the time off. So instead I scaled back to one horse and one day. I went with Roscoe because Rosemary has had some hind end issues we need to work out. Roscoe will do the breeding class and then we will sit for hours and then he will do a couple W/T classes. I want to use this show to see how he handles being ridden away from home so I can decide whether to pursue a dressage show in August.

Fingers crossed this lingering tiredness goes away and I can actually crawl on my pony beforehand. At least I will have three days off of work to get ready. This show is somewhat closer at Frying Pan in Herndon, VA which will be nice. I have fond memories of the park because Barry and I played around the cross country course with a good friend.

I wish Ember were here to go to the show. Roscoe learned a lot when he showed as a foal. Next year...
Pictures from Lisa
Ember's "Colt Gun" emblem

"Ready to show" Next year buddy

The Cute Posse after the cat


  1. Ember is SO lovely and that last photo of all the foals following the cat is PRICELESS!!! Totally frame-worthy!

  2. Love the foal posse 😍 ♡♡♡♡