Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Daring Devil, AKA Ember

While Comrade and Roscoe are adjusting to the fact that I expect more from them in the arena after the camp revelations, Ember is starting to show his devilish side.
Working brain engaged

Trouble in very sweet packaging

A part of me is glad because he is such a sweetheart, but he seemed too quite. I think that bug he had really knocked him off his baby feet. Now the colt is coming out to play in force. We have some nipping going on and he is watching the girls more. Sorry buddy that is not your path.
Poking at daddy
He is normally the one to start running and gets Roscoe to go along with him. Ember does not worry much about the older horses. He thinks his baby mouthing will save him from them. The daring devil will go to them saying "I'm a baby," but moving forward even as they bite him. I swear the older horses get tired of him and back away before he does.
I can't help but wonder what is hiding under that cute fur ball for future work. I think if I can work past his initial flee instinct his training will not be too hard. The confidence he shows in the herd seems to shorten his reactive periods working in the arena.
Hand me down, ear transplanted fly mask
It certainly is an interesting difference from what we had with Roscoe as a baby. Roscoe was in your face, wild, jump on you kind of baby. Ember is pretty amenable unless you are giving him shots (OMG he is a sh*#) or touching him in certain places.
I started working with him and the hose yesterday and he did not melt down. There is hope for a bath before the show next month. Clipping and hoof trimming are a work in progress. Those are the areas that Roscoe has no issue with since we started from week two. Ah well the downside to not getting a baby till weaning.
Overall we could not be more pleased with Ember. He fits us and the herd. But you know what they say about the quite ones...