Thursday, June 15, 2017

Apparently I Have Goals

Two Gemini's and my new boots :)

This month our lesson fell on my birthday. We switched it up and I rode first. I also rode my whole lesson. Since the show, I have felt more solid and Natasha saw some of that. She started with Roscoe's walk. I had to use my core to slow his front end and activate the hind.

Slow became the key word for the lesson. He is all for charging forward and out his front end. As we worked leg yields, my timing sucks, we had to slow so he could cross and eventually pick up canter. It was tough and we only managed a few steps. Roscoe's canter transitions have improved since the show. Natasha wanted more and made us do trot/canter transitions around a circle.

No Lesson is complete without the tail monster!
Leg yield
That brought the bucking, since Roscoe could not understand why I was tapping him with the whip when he thought he was going enough. Ah well, he was just checking I could stick with him despite my age.
Happy Bucking Birthday!!!

During my lesson Natasha said "...Training level is the goal this year..." Ha, apparently I have goals I never expected. Can I mention I have not even looked at the Training level tests? We shall see what happens.

After my lesson, we had Natasha ride Comrade. He has been so sticky on that right lead, it is frustrating. Comrade knew right away he could not get away with anything with her on board. He did throw a tantrum though, stomping his feet in one place. I felt better seeing her have similar issues that I do. The difference was she had the muscle to push him through and keep him going. I did not ride him that day, but Sunday he was like a new pony. He picked up the correct leads right away and he moved forward. We still have the left bulge, but the change was lovely.

Mom and Peggy rode the rest of the lesson working the bell curve. They both had some great times where the horses were together, not stomping. Comrade was really glad to have Peggy riding him and Rosemary figured if she was good, we would not put Natasha on her.


  1. Happy Birthday and nice sit on that buck!

  2. You guys are looking fancy!!

  3. Happy birthday! You've got quite the seat on you :D yay training level!

  4. Dang - that is quite a buck. Nice job sitting it! He's looking good! :)

  5. Happy bday!! Looks like a great ride!!!!

  6. Happy birthday!! That's quite the birthday present from Roscoe! :D