Saturday, June 24, 2017

Busy July Ahead

I mentioned Roscoe has some stuff coming up. Some of you may remember that when I got the stud fee for the May breeding that I had plans on how to spend it. Early this year the owner of Roscoe's 2017 filly said that I should get him inspected. My initial reaction was "Uh, no way." Especially when I looked at the prices for RPSI, which this year merged with Westfalen.
Individual annual membership: $110
Pony stallion annual registration: $200
Inspection: $250
Microchip: $50
Vet Exam: $?
Yes Roscoe, More braids are in your future

Getting that stud fee made the financial burden less and then it seemed fate when the inspection is being held at a farm 30min away. So July 29th Roscoe will be inspected and I will pay a ton of money. He will have to do the triangle, move at liberty and do the jump chute. Anyone with long legs want to show him in hand?

Roscoe has been practicing his jump chute at home. He needs to be able to do it with no hesitation. With that in mind, I signed him up for the YEH Jump Chute Clinic on July 5th. He will get a 30 min session at Loch Moy in MD. Hopefully that will get him ready to play away from home.

Beginning and the end are filled, so the middle will possibly have a show. My original plan was to have Natasha ride Roscoe at a show. That would teach him to pay attention and take my nerves out of the picture. Unfortunately, I found out this week she is leaving. I am not sure where that leaves us. Hopefully at our last lesson she will direct us. So probably the show ride will fall to me. My other thought is to bring Comrade along to a show so he has a buddy.

And if all that is not enough, there is the possibility of a breeding happening early in the month.


  1. Oh my goodness...what fun! I'd totally run him in hand for you if I lived closer!

    1. That would be so much fun if you were here! If you jump a plane there are guest quarters over the barn :)

  2. Ask the host site if they have a runner or plan on hiring one. It's what we do and makes life so much simpler.

  3. Oooooh you're going to that clinic?!? I saw that and was intrigued. Hmmmm. It's during a workday but I wonder if I could make it out....

  4. Ooo you'll have to make sure to get lots of media of Roscoe's stallion inspection