Friday, June 2, 2017

Chrome for the Win!!!

This was an extremely close Foal Pool. Every one's date guesses were close together and many of you had similar chrome guesses. I was amazed to have guessed correctly for once. I was only off by a few days and a few socks :)
Matching tilt, pretty girls
Roscoe and Tawe certainly did not disappoint with this filly. Her breeder took a chance at a last minute breeding to Roscoe and it paid off with a pretty, cobby, big girl with a super personality.

 So here is how the scoring worked:
The pool started with 20 points
The number of days away from the actual birth date were subtracted from the 20
Correct Gender was +1 point
Incorrect Gender was -1 point
Correct Chrome/Color Bonus +1 each
No points were lost for incorrect chrome/color guesses

First off, notice that Carly was spot on for her date of birth! She wins a $10 RW gift card. Sadly, she did not get any bonus points to take the overall win.

Then notice... we have a tie between Alli and Alanna. Bonus points for chrome for the win. Each will get a $20 RW gift card, but I had to figure out a tie breaker for the THT give a way.

In the end. I messaged them and asked the age old question:
"Heads or Tails?"

And the winner is, by my co worker's neutral coin flip, Alli!
Carly, Alanna and Alli FB message me or email, your email addresses so I can send your cards. If your email is still the same one as last year, just leave a comment. Alli I will forward your contact information to THT so you can collect your prize.
Thank you everyone for participating! Hopefully we will have another Foal Pool next year.