Monday, May 6, 2019

Colorful Boy

If you did not notice they was a change to my last post. Turns out the new foal is a colt. Been there before! Leave it to Roscoe to have a boy during a filly year.
He is still really cute. My old instructor said he looks like a stuffed animal.

His name is PleinAir Nocturne. His barn name is Shelby and came from his horse white mark on his side. The breeder's husband works for Ford and decided the mark was like the mustang.
He is a colorful boy which turns out to be unusual for Jewel's foals. All her others have been solid with little white. I guess Roscoe really has some strong chrome genes. It has been interesting to see his grand foals out of his high chrome sons do not have as much as their sires. They do put their stamp on though in body and quality.