Friday, May 3, 2019

Delayed Gratification, It's a Filly...oops a Colt!

I started to write a post about how the mares are taking their time this year, which is still true, but I got the message that Roscoe's new Colt had arrived.
Jewel was due last Tuesday and I asked if she was one to delay. Her owner was pretty sure she would foal this week. I was home taking a sick day after a rough UC week (thank you all for your support) so her message made my day.

I only have one picture. More will come this weekend.
Definitely not lacking in chrome 

Not surprising the delayed gratification had an affect on the Foal Pool points. Most of us are impatient and wanted an early foal. The winner must have known the mares are in no rush this year.

***The change to colt does not change the winner. Add one point to the score for colt and subtract one for filly. ***

Congrats to Teresa A! You have won the cross stitch picture and the $25 Riding Warehouse gift card.
And for the first time... She was also the winner of my unsaid "Damn Close" award, $10 RW gift card. Please send me,,  your email and a group of pictures I can pick from to make your picture.

And to continue the Filly year, here is Roscoe's new Grand Filly. She is Comrade's and Connor's new niece. She is out of "Mini Me" and Dyma Hi.