Monday, May 27, 2019

Foal Pool 3.0

If you missed my last post, Surprise we have another foal coming!

Yesterday I was startled to see a post from Tawe's owner saying she was due to foal soon. Somehow she never told me last year that she was in foal. Considering how many other mares did not catch and how late she was bred, I figured it was a miss.

I am thrilled that we are now awaiting the third sibling from this super match up. So here are the details for this last minute foal pool.

Tawe, smokey black Cob
Bred 7/13

Now she had Carousel at 332 days and Draco at 330. Not sure how much that will help when mares seem to be taking their time this year.

Same parameters as usual.
Basic: Date/Gender
Bonus: Color/ Chrome(head, body, legs)

Winner will get a $25 RW gift card. Guesses accepted until 6/7/19 on either post. Good Luck!