Sunday, May 26, 2019

Hitting a Wall and Last Minute Foal Pool

Sadly the months of malnutrition are starting to really take a toll. Even normal barn chores are getting difficult. I have never felt so weak in all my life. But I am still determined to ride.

How I feel most days

So I threw the bareback pad on Roscoe and figured I would take even five minutes. I like being bareback while working lateral so I can feel him better. I did forget the spurs though. Roscoe decided that I was worth a buck. He almost got me off.

I got creative after that. Instead of asking for should in by moving his shoulder to the inner ring, which he was too quick to follow with his hind end, I moved his shoulder to the fence.  This way there was no room for him drift. I may be hitting a wall physically, but in this instance I decided to use the wall. I also have to think hard about picturing picking up his shoulders and moving them individually. I seem to be clearer in my aids when I think that way.
We still are not up to full speed, but I know he has forward. I will take the baby steps. I can't fight the fight right now which is humbling. What is gratifying is that we did manage the shoulder in and he felt like he understood what I was asking. I did attempt to work on our canter drifts. The right lead had some success. The left was tougher. That will have to continue as a work in progress.

I lasted longer than five minutes and could barely walk after wards, but I felt better for the ride. My pony misses the work and he tries to make me feel better on the days I am not up for a ride. Don't tell the big, bad stallion I told you guys that. Heck the other day he actually let me pull some of his mane just to have the connection with me. I love that boy.

My forgiving stud
Fingers crossed that this week I will finally get new medicine. Hitting the wall has made me slow down. I am lucky to have an amazing family to cover me. I really had hoped to go to a CT next weekend as a gift to Roscoe and I, but it will have to be delayed. We have time.

Plus I need to get healthy so Ember can start his ridden career. Can you believe he turned 3yrs old this week?

And guys it turns out Tawe is pregnant! So we have 3.0 coming soon. I will give away a $25 RW gift card for this last minute foal pool. Put your guesses in the comments as usual.


  1. I am soy you feel so bad. I hope things turn around soon.
    As for my guesses:
    3 socks and a snip
    June 2

  2. I'm sorry you're still struggling, and I really hope they get you feeling better soon.
    Glad you got to get on though.

  3. Sorry you are feeling so crappy, I really hope that the Dr's are able to find something to help you soon :(