Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Where There is a Will

 DaVinci has been maintaining so far. We will have to watch him once the heat sets in. I did manage to pull his shoes a few weeks ago. But I have not been able to trim him. 

He is the type to grow a ton of toe. He has not worn off much since I pulled his shoes. With his balance issues, long toes are a problem. 

So I kept looking at the area to see where he could stand while I trim. Could he stand on the edge of a raised mat and give me enough room? 

After work on Monday, rain prevented riding. I was determined to try to trim him while he stood.  How?

Step 1 Sit/Lay on the ground

Step 2 Dig the pea gravel out from around his hoof

Step 3 Begin hack job, put nippers under the toe and cut what you can.

Step 4 File the rough edges and avoid getting hit by his knee

This worked better than I ever expected and he only kneed me once. The Cob boys were racing around doing airs above ground almost the whole time and DaVinci stood still.

He is definitely walking better. 

Where there is a will, there is a way. Such a relief especially since we found out our retired farrier has not fully recovered from Covid. Treasure every day and make them as good as possible. That is where we are at.

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