Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Does This Make My Butt Look Big???

Pretty Girl

Mom decided that she wanted a side by side picture of Rosemary and Roscoe. Since he was weaned we have not done a pair shot. So even though it was only the two of us be took on the challenge.
Posing Boy blocking Mom

Take 1

Take 2 Good Ponies

Always looking for cookies

Ugh, Rosemary says this is a bad angle
 Only standing next to Roscoe does Rosemary look so stout. By herself or by the others she looks Cobby, but elegant. And yes Rosemary this makes your butt look big :)
Back view
 Finally got a good side view that shows how close in size they are.
Side view

Handsome boy, with Griffyn in the background

Her mane is getting long, Yay
We worked them both in hand for a little while after the photo shoot. Rosemary stopped to watch Roscoe work. I tried to get pictures while I worked her, but the lead line was not long enough.

Rosemary's eyelid today
Last week we pulled Rosemary's stitches. Thank God she was a good girl and stayed still while I used cuticle scissors to cut the stitches. I had visions of poking her in the eye. Her lid looks really good. We are still waiting for the biopsy results though.

I also took pictures of the dirty DaVinci. He excels at face painting with mud as his media. Someone sure named him well.
Only a light mud job today

His poor forelock gets sanded off

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